As a businessman, Martin knows that government naturally tends to expand itself, and as it does so, it can burden businesses and interfere with our individual rights and freedoms. As a lawyer, Martin knows how to protect constitutional rights, and he has been a vigilant watchdog defender for your freedoms.

During his time of service in the legislature, Martin has served on the House Civil Justice committee. There, he here has been a reliable defender of our individual constitutional rights – not only our Second Amendment right to bear arms, but also our 1st(press, speech, religion), 4th(search and seizures) and 5th(due process and just compensation) Amendment rights. Martin is known as the legislative expert concerning the abusive practice known as “Civil Asset Forfeiture”, and he has led the charge to see it reformed. He will continue that effort if returned to the legislature.

Martin has successfully sponsored legislative items that reform the administrative rulemaking process and which protect the First Amendment rights of students and of members of state Boards and Commissions. Furthermore, he has sponsored and co-sponsored legislation that has reformed excessive occupational licensing – a big problem in Tennessee.

In keeping with his campaign promises, Martin is a reliable defender of individual freedoms.