Enabling Market-Based Solutions To Lower Health Care Costs, Not Government Mandates

After the disastrous failure of “Obamacare”, Tennesseans continue to see their healthcare costs soar. Washington has consistently failed to deliver meaningful solutions.

Knoxville families do not need another government mandate healthcare plan.

Martin understands the need for market-driven reforms, expanded patient access, addressing rising costs, and lack of competition.

We must roll back many of the restrictive Obama-era regulations, support reforms that protect doctors from frivolous lawsuits, and promote education and preventative care – especially when it comes to addiction treatment and opioid dependence.

Martin Daniel is working to reduce health care costs and eliminate government mandates on hospitals, doctors, and patients.



  •  Sponsored legislation to increase competition among hospitals and health care providers to drive down costs and reduce monopolies


  •  Supports rolling back Obama-era regulations and reducing the federal government’s role in health care


  •  Co-sponsored “Right to Try” legislation that allows terminally ill patients to access potentially life-saving investigational treatments


  •  Co-sponsored and voted to increase preventative care and addiction treatment resources to combat the opioid crisis


  •  Supports tort reform to crack down on costly, frivolous lawsuits


  •  Promote price transparency and diverse coverage options to help empower patients with the tools to find cost-effective care