Martin Daniel - Businessman
Problem Solver For West Knoxville & Tennessee

Martin Daniel has seen the difficulties and challenges small businesses must overcome in order to succeed. He’s seen government spending skyrocket, taxes raised, and bureaucratic red tape balloon on our job-creators and their employees.

State Representative, Martin Daniel leads the charge to cut taxes, stop unnecessary government regulations, create additional jobs, curb bureaucracy, and strengthen transparency and accountability in state government.

Thanks to a fiscally conservative Republican legislature:

Tennessee consistently balances its budget

$850 million in its “rainy day” fund (the most in history)

440,000 new private sector jobs and growing 

State AAA bond rating.

Martin Daniel has successful private-sector experience. We need to keep Tennessee’s economy on the right track and protect families and businesses from government over-reach.


  •  Sponsored legislation that eliminated government red tape and excessive regulations on small businesses


  •  Voted to cut the sales tax on groceries and reduce business taxes for job-creators


  •  Voted to permanently phase-out Tennessee’s taxes on investment and retirement income


  •  Sponsored the Right to Earn a Living Act to fight back against needless, anti-competitive occupational licensing laws and other government barriers to good jobs


  • Voted for fiscally-responsible, balanced budgets.


  •  Strengthened oversight of state rulemaking agencies to help ensure new regulations protect public health and safety without hindering economic growth


  •  Sponsored and passed legislation that incentivizes government agencies to find and cut wasteful spending, saving taxpayer dollars