Sponsoring and Supporting Laws
To Discourage Illegal Immigration

Martin understands and appreciates that our nation was built on immigration.  His family immigrated to the United States from England, Ireland, Denmark, and Scottland in the mid-1600s, ultimately settling in Montgomery County Tennessee.

Martin supports orderly legal immigration.  While our nation has always welcomed immigrants in search of freedom and opportunity it is reckless national policy not to secure our borders. Irrespective of one’s opinion of the law, until changed, it is important that we follow the law.

Tennessee should strive for a fair and legal immigration system. Neither the United States, nor Tennessee, has the resources to support the millions of people who want to come here illegally.

While immigration is primarily a federal matter, in Tennessee, Martin has sponsored and passed legislation that discourages illegal immigration (prohibiting acceptance of consular ID cards) and requires our state and city governments to comply with federal laws.

Martin Daniel is working to enforce the rule of law across Tennessee and eliminate incentives for illegal immigration.


  •  Voted to ban sanctuary cities and require that local governments follow federal immigration laws


  •  Voted to prohibit our state and local governments from accepting consular identification cards as proof of identity


  •  Supports giving more tools to local law enforcement to verify arrested persons’ citizenship status and enhancing cooperation with federal immigration authorities


  •  Enforce legal worker laws and ensure employees’ citizenship status is confirmed