A Parent Who Will Stand For Our Students And Families And Expand Access To A Career-Ready Education

As the father of two young children, Martin understands the need for our education system to keep pace with the educational demands of today’ globally-competitive job environment.  Ensuring that our students graduate with the college and workforce-ready skills to be successful after high school is of the upmost importance.

Decisions about our children’s education are best made at the local level by parents, teachers, and local school boards.  While Tennessee has made great strides in increasing graduation rates and closing achievement gaps, some schools still struggle to improve students’ overall readiness for college and career.

Thankfully, our community is fortunate to have an incredible group of dedicated public school teachers.  That is why, in light of the third consecutive year of online testing failures, Martin voted to limit the impact of the 2018 TNReady testing, protecting teachers and students from being unfairly punished due to faulty or inaccurate test administration.

When it comes to higher education, Martin is proud to be a two-time graduate of our University of Tennessee and a lifelong Volunteers fan. However, a slew of controversial issues has recently distracted the university from its primary mission- educating students, service to the community,  and conducting cutting-edge research. With the cost of post-secondary education so high, and many employers facing shortages of qualified employees, Martin believes it is time for UT and our entire higher education system to place more emphasis on expanding access to skills trainings and workforce-ready educational opportunities for students.  That’s why Martin Daniel has a record of empowering local decision-making in our schools and expanding student access to technical and community colleges for career-ready skills trainings.



  •  Voted for the single largest teacher pay raise in state history without a tax increase


  •  Voted for and supports Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect programs to make technical and community colleges more affordable for students


  •  Will preserve Knoxville’s fair share of education dollars to keep pace with school growth demands


  •  Sponsored legislation to require more efficient, evidenced-based spending decisions in public universities


  •  Promote workforce-ready employability and skills trainings to better prepare students for careers after graduation