Defending The Constitutional Rights
Of Law-Abiding Gun Owners

While it is critical that our laws do not allow firearms to fall into the hands of convicted criminals and those suffering from mental health issues, we must also remain vigilant against any attempt to strip law-abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights.  Time and again, we have seen tragedies averted thanks to the swift and heroic action of responsible gun owners, and every law-abiding citizen has a right to avail him or herself to an effective means for armed self-defense.

  • As a member of the House Civil Justice committee, Martin has consistently voted for legislation that protects our 2nd Amendment rights. As an attorney and as a concealed carry permit-holder himself, Martin understands the history of the second amendment and he will always safeguard the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms while ensuring personal property rights are also respected.

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