Taxes, Bureaucracy, and “Pork”

As an attorney and business owner having frequent interaction with government agencies, Martin Daniel understands the harm that unnecessary government regulation can inflict on small business, a significant “engine” of economic growth in Tennessee.  He sponsored and worked to pass two bills to put the brakes on the avalanche of Tennessee agency rules that tends to burden our businesses and citizens.

Martin understands that, unfortunately, taxes and public funds are necessary to provide services and facilities that the public has come to expect.  Low taxes, however, attract people and business, and he supported responsible elimination of the Tennessee’s Hall income tax(a tax that disproportionately affects the retired and elderly) by 2022.

While necessary, government is notoriously inefficient, and reduction of size and expense of government is one of Martin’s priorities.  He supports across-the-board requirements that Tennessee government(and its agencies) reduce its expenditures, and necessarily, its size, and he will work to ensure that Tennessee government uses our tax dollars in a more efficient manner.  In the recent session, Martin carried a bill to enable the legislature to cause an efficiency audit of Tennessee higher education.  This will be a big priority in the 110th General Assembly.

Remarkabbly, the State of Tennessee squanders hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money each year.  Recently it has wasted our money on a multitude of things, including ….

-over $100 million dollars on the now-closed Hemlock Semiconductor plant;

-$73 million in erroneously-paid unemployment benefits;

-$85 million per year on Pre-K programs that have been shown by independent study to be of no benefit to children;

-$600,000 to a Memphis museum for “flood relief”, even though the museum is not located within a half mile of the Mississippi River;

-and numerous purchases of expensive arsenals of military-style weapons and vehicles by state and local police forces.

Martin will respect Tennessee taxpayers’ hard-earned money and he will vigorously oppose wasteful “pork” projects.