Our Liberty and Freedoms

Martin takes all of our personal constitutional rights seriously, not just the 2cd Amendment right to bear arms, but also the 1st Amendment(freedom of speech, press and religion), the 4th Amendment(unreasonable searches), the 5th Amendment(due process, self incrimination, taking of property), the 6th Amendment(right to confront witnesses), and the 10th Amendment(state rights).  Martin is especially concerned with university student due process rights and the Speaker of the House has recently appointed him to the “Student Due Process task force”).

Human happiness is based upon freedom, and freedom requires limited government. Expansive government inhibits productivity and prevents an individual from being the best that he or she can be. While certain laws and regulation are essential for order in our society, Martin Daniel believes that Tennesseans’ happiness is closely connected to and derived from individual freedoms and responsibility.

Martin fully agrees with an observation by the late Sen. Eugene McCarthy(D-Minn) when he said, “An efficient bureaucracy is the greatest threat to liberty”. Agency http://www.martindaniel.org/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=pagerulemaking, as authorized by our legislature, acts as a “soft tyranny” here in Tennessee, and it inhibits economic growth, efficiency and competitiveness.

Tennessee has thousands of laws and rules on the books, regulating activities ranging from insurance and medical devices, to barbers and cosmetologists, to beer and alcohol, and to lawyers and doctors. Laws and regulations restricting human conduct should be passed only when absolutely necessary.

An efficient bureaucracy is, indeed, the greatest threat to liberty. Tennessee is mired in a sea of excessive rules and laws. The rulemaking process in Tennessee is flawed, and following through on his campaign promise in 2014, Martin has sponsored and worked to pass legislation that limits agency rulemaking powers and provides legislature with more supervision of rulemaking(HB 2086).

Furthermore, Martin proposes and supports Tennessee laws when they advance human liberty and freedom, and he works to remove laws that senselessly restrict our freedoms. In the recent session, Martin sponsored legislation that enables the legislature to eliminate excessive occupational licensing(HB 2201).  This legislation was passed by the legislature and will soon become law.