Gov Op and working to reduce the big hand of government

The Homebuilders Association was on the Hill yesterday, along with the American Cancer Society.  Homebuilders are a big part of the economy and we appreciate their investment in Tennessee.

In Civil Justice Comm yesterday, court fees were approved for construction of a Williamson County juvenile facility.  I have voted against this bill – as I do on all bills that impose court fees.  This is a huge problem in Tennessee and amounts to a tax on many who really cannot bear the burden.

In Bus & Utilities Comm, much discussion concerning inspections for inflatable play devices for children.  Should these things be inspected, and in what manner?  Should operators be required to carry liability insurance?  More on that soon.

Appeared before Gov Operations Committee yesterday concerning the APA revision bill.  We’re trying to provide more oversight to elected officials over a runaway rulemaking process and make government(and their regulations) more accountable to the people.  That’s HB 2068.