Martin Daniel, the Republican Small Businessman

As a small businessman, Martin Daniel knows firsthand the many difficulties and challenges that small businesses must overcome in order to succeed.   All too often, we have seen government spending skyrocket, taxes raised, and bureaucratic red tape balloon on our job-creators and workers alike. That is why, as your State Representative, Martin Daniel has led the charge to cut taxes, stop unnecessary government -regulations, create good job opportunities, curb bureaucracy, and strengthen transparency and accountability in state government.

Our community needs real solutions to reduce the size of government and empower families and business innovators with the education, infrastructure, and low-tax, free-market economic climate they need to succeed in the workplace and maintain our high quality of life.  Thanks to recent common-sense reforms, Tennessee consistently balances its budget, has saved over $850 million in its “rainy day” fund (the most in history), and boasts the lowest debt per capita of any state in the nation. Martin Daniel is running because he has the real private-sector experience we need to keep our state and our economy moving in the right direction and protect our families and businesses alike from government over-reach.


– Enabling a Business-Friendly Environment that is attractive to Employers and the Jobs they Create

– Protecting Our Individual Rights

– Supporting Education and Workforce Development

– Increasing Accessibility to and Lowering Costs of Healthcare

– The Opioid Addiction Epidemic

– Enforcement of Immigration Laws