Grow Our Economy and Create Good Jobs

A proven record of empowering job-creators, keeping taxes low, and cutting government red tape

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Knoxville’s business innovators, entrepreneurs, and working families all depend on our state government to foster an economic climate that encourages area job growth and local business expansion.  In order to keep our community a top destination for employers, it is imperative that our elected leaders maintain a smaller government that is more efficient, less expensive to taxpayers, and eliminates fraud and waste while still providing the kind of efficient, high-quality services and infrastructure we need to remain competitive.

Martin believes that state government should uphold a free market economy and exercise a restrained, common-sense approach to regulations whereby entrepreneurs and workers are free to enter the occupation of their choice, create competition in the marketplace to the benefit of consumers, and enjoy the fruits of their creativity and labor with minimal government interference.  That’s why Martin has been a committed watchdog of our taxpayer dollars, fighting against the expansion of unnecessary government bureaucracy, cutting red tape, and rolling back burdensome regulations that threaten to hurt our economic growth. State Representative Martin Daniel has a proven record of reigning in government over-reach and empowering job-creators with the freedom and flexibility they need to grow and thrive.


  • Sponsored legislation that eliminated government red tape and excessive regulations on small businesses


  • Voted to cut the sales tax on groceries and reduce business taxes for job-creators


  • Voted to permanently phase-out Tennessee’s taxes on investment and retirement income


  • Sponsored the Right to Earn a Living Act to fight back against needless, anti-competitive occupational licensing laws and other government barriers to good jobs


  • Opposed government spending in excess of our state’s economic growth and voted for fiscally-responsible, balanced budgets


  • Strengthened oversight of state rulemaking agencies to help ensure new regulations protect public health and safety without hindering economic growth


  • Sponsored and passed legislation that incentivizes government agencies to find and cut wasteful spending, saving taxpayer dollars